Ship Model Materials and Tools 

These articles and files are all original work, appearing solely on the NRG's Model Ship World. 

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Basic Hand Tools
Dirk De Bakker & Greg Brooker

Advanced Power Tools
Dirk De Bakker & Greg Brooker

Special Tools
Dirk De Bakker & Greg Brooker

Tools Not to Bother With
Dirk De Bakker & Greg Brooker

Lathe Work 1 (part 2 in Armaments)
Eric Tilley

Frolich Style Rope Walk Plans
Keith Harrison

Lathe Operation
Lee Byrne

Lathe Work - Cannon and Ship's Bell
Lee Byrne

A Database of Woods used In Model Shipbuilding.
Prepared by Aitch

An Overview of the Physical Properties of Some Woods used in Model Shipbuilding.
Prepared by Rex Boocock

Mini Circular Saw/Lathe
Hubert Sicard

Articles Relating To Mini Chop Saw From MSW
Compiled By Pat(Banyan)

Silver Soldering Tutorial
Russell Barnes

Building a Ropewalk
Phil Krol

Scale Conversion Charts
On Model Ship World

Helpful Xcel Calculators for Ship Modelers
Wayne Tripp

Scrapers for Making Fancy Molding
On Model ship world

Tips and Techniques: Milling Scale Lumber
Bob Sorenson