Ship Model Furniture, Deck Fittings and other Details

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Metal Blackening Guide
Pat Majewski

Ship Model Decorations Using Polymer Clay - Introduction
Chuck Passaro

Ship Model Figureheads and Carvings using Sculpey
Chuck Passaro

Building a Display Case
Peter Vissor

Making a Ship's Stove
Allan Yedlinsky

Making a Ship's Wheel
Allan Yedlinsky

Ships Stove Plans
Rex Boocock

Building Guide for a Tryworks
Gerald Spargo

How to make Stud Link Chain
Gerald Spargo

LED Flickering Oil Lamps

LED Lighting for Model Ships
Gary Roberts

LED Calculator

Extra Help with Lighting

Early American Purchase Type Windlass Details
Rex Boocock

Early American Purchase Type Windlass Arrangements
Rex Boocock

Articles related to Windlass' from MSW

Binnacle Plans
Rex Boocock

Capstan Plans
Rex Boocock

Articles related to Capstans from MSW

Making a Capstan
Allan Yedlinsky

Belfry Plans
Rex Boocock

Mold Making - Resin Casting Techniques
David Collier

Making Anchors from Styrene
Daniel - Member (Dafi)

Modeling Small Figures for Ship Models
Dave Fellingham