Ship Model Framing and Planking 

These articles and files are all original work, appearing solely on the NRG's Model Ship World. 

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Constructing Bow and Stern Filler Blocks
Dirk De Bakker

Simple Hull Planking for Beginners
Dirk De Bakker & Greg Brooker

The Hahn Plank On Frame Method Explained
Gene Bodnar

Copper Sheathing a Hull
Gene Bodnar

Deck Clamps
Gary Bishop

Simple Butt-Shift Deck Planking
Ulises Victoria

Deck Planking Calculator

Nail Pattern Copper Plate Jig
Chuck Passaro

Planking Tutorial - Lining Off a Hull
Chuck Passaro

Planking Fan for - Lining Off a Hull
Chuck Passaro

A Primer on Planking 
David Antscherl

Plank Bending
A compilation from the MSW forums